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Earbuds Cleaning Kit

Earbuds Cleaning Kit

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All what you need to keep your AirPods clean! 

The best 'all in one' tools, this product will keep your earbuds clean up to one year. 

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Cotton swab: Removes ear wax from the speaker grilles and dirt in the seams.

Alcohol wet wipe: Disinfecting the mesh and case, keeps the germs away.

Wooden stick: Removing dirt around the speaker.

Cleaning brush: Cleaning up dirty hinge.

Sticky ball: Sticks to everything on the case and in the speaker grilles, easily removing earwax from any surface. 

Microfiber cleaning cloth: Perfect for keeping your device clean and the same goes for wiping away dust and grime.

Dust-proof thin protector: Protecting your AirPods most sensitive spots, keeps dust free.




clean airpods
clean airpods

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