How to clean AirPods?

 The AirPods white plastic design makes it easy to spot gunk and wipe it off. But sometimes you need to do a really deep clean. No matter how neat you are, if you own Apple AirPods they’re going to end up grimy and full of earwax. 
If you notice that your AirPods are getting quieter, they might not be dying a slow death - no, it may be your own natural earwax clogging up the works.
So what does it takes to clean it up? 
Apple Support recommends to use cotton swabs, but in my opinion the regular swab may just squeeze the ear wax inside the speaker grills and impact the sound quality. That's why we've created Earbuds cleaning kit.


 If this is disgusting for you - you're in the right place! 

clean airpods

clean airpods

 So first of what we gonna use is a sticky balls (blue tack)

clean airpods

 It sticks to everything what is inside! 

clean airpods


 After taking off all the earwax from the AirPods grills, we can move on to more detailed cleaning. 

 Here we gonna use alcohol pad and wooden sticks. 

clean airpods

airpods cleaning kit

earbuds cleaning kit

 Final touch! Use sharp head cotton swabs

airpods cleaning tutorial

 Its ready to go! 

clean airpods


Take care of your AirPods case

Use little brush!

clean airpods

Use sharp wooden sticks to clean up all the tight corners 

clean airpods

Alcohol pad + wooden stick

clean airpods

Here we go! Ready to serve all day long!  

clean airpods result

Protect your AirPods case with dust-proof thin protector.

dust protector airpods

Video tutorial